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Three generations of a smiling Black family dine outdoors at sunset, the restaurant in a mountainous, warmly lit city.

New studies on midlife reveal lifelong habits for optimal longevity

Learn how inflammation in your 20s can trigger cognitive decline, how your 40-something diet affects your 70-something health, and what we know about menopause today.

Portrait of a beautiful young Black woman wearing a brown top smiling with her eyes closed as she lays on the grass, with a brown hat next to her.

How to avoid poisonous plants, high bacteria levels and hormonal mosquitos this summer

Summer joys are easily derailed by rashes and infections. The latest science can help you avoid poisonous plants, hungry mosquitos and contaminated beaches.

Back view backlit shot of unrecognizable woman in a wheelchair listening to music in her headphones and looking through window thinking of something.

New studies reveal music’s effect on our brain and heart

The Tchaikovsky cure for worry + Beethoven’s diagnosis (!) + music’s effect on the heart. Plus, Covid alarms experts (again) + other vital virus news.

Grandpa and granddaughter fish off the end of a dock and family has a bonfire on a beautiful summer evening.

Learn how to prevent tick bites and Lyme disease

How ticks spread illness + Lyme research updates + the long Covid link. Plus, a new fabric with magical cooling powers + a study shows walking can ease back pain!

A young Black woman inside a car rests with her eyes closed against the sun and her arms on the open door window frame, seen in the side mirror.

Why does REM sleep go rogue? Here’s what the science says.

REM is when we should dream deeply, unmoving and unaware. But some of us move and make choices during REM. Learn why that happens. Plus, warnings for night owls!

A white woman with long dreadlocks and tattoos wearing a summer dress sits at an outdoor cafe, reading an ebook.

Study reveals on taste buds, tattoos and heat domes

We have taste buds in our organs! A massive heat dome is melting us like cheese! Learn what studies reveal about how our world works in our latest update.

A young white woman with short red hair sits on a balcony of her creative home painting a picture. There's greenery off the balcony and southwestern, artsy vibes inside.

The latest sun and skin care tips for a safe summer

Do sunscreen sticks work better than lotion? Does wearing makeup to the beach help or hurt? Are tanning beds dangerous? Learn how to protect your skin in 2024!

Young woman reading a book while relaxing outside on a chair on her patio with a view inside Jandía National Park overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Sotavento Beach, Costa Calma, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

Mind-blowing gene therapies are on the horizon

Learn how researchers are unlocking new ways to deliver gene therapies, creating a potential herpes virus cure and teaching the body to regrow spinal dish cushioning.

A dreamy toned photo of a stack of Polaroid photos with one showing a Ferris wheel on top.

How brains make memories and what can alter them

Learn what neuroscientists know about how scent and stimulation affect memory during sleep and exercise. Plus, what happens when we alter those triggers.

An outdoor photo of a diverse, attractive group of friends dining al fresco, with a young Black male host smiling as he pours wine into a friend's glass.

Why are doctors prescribing art as therapy?

For a mental health boost, here are a few reasons to spend time in a museum or theater, seek out a “third place” or take solace in your family kinkeeper.

A young woman with brown hair wearing a sweater smiles as she holds her infant son in front of a blossomed Japanese cherry blossom tree.

What studies reveal about sex and gender differences in health and science

Learn why illnesses that predominantly affect females get less funding, why females live longer but sicker, and why some men mansplain sports to women.

A man stands at the top of hill on dirt road looking out through a clearing in the trees at the mountains

How simple things like dirt, water and heat affect health.

Learn how the latest research and scientific tools can help us lower risk and feel better when we interact with simple things. Plus, inspiring wellness articles from around the web.

An Asian woman in a tunnel wearing a backless t-shirt has her back to the camera and throws her white hair into the air, with her arms extended outward.

How to break from perfectionism and busyness!

Learn why more people are feeling the pressures of perfectionism, why night workers are at greater health risk and how to better enjoy your free time.

A young thin woman with long brown hair wearing jeans, a sweater and a face mask walks on a city street returning from shopping, with fresh fruit, vegetables and bread in reusable bags.

What to know about seasonal allergies this spring

Can you be allergic to exercise? Learn about exercise-induced anaphylaxis, why allergies develop in adulthood and why dogs are developing allergies in this healthcare update.

Back view of unrecognizable sad white with head down sitting at colorful workplace with notebooks scattered around, frustrated.

What you should know about taxes and medical deductions

Learn how to deduct medical costs from your taxes, why being single costs more with time and how reading glasses can boost income. Plus, stress-relieving tips!

A colorful photo shows a young white mother doing yoga on a mat in her airy, bohemian living room while her young child jumps around on a leather couch.

Are you getting the most out of your workout?

Optimize your workout with the latest on exercise plus makeup, timing, cannabis and more. Plus, learn how to save on F45 Training costs while you strengthen and heal.

A young white woman with white hair wearing a yellow sweater smiles as she sits in a brightly lit cafe with a croissant and glass of juice on the table in front of her.

How to foster healthy blood sugar levels

Here’s the latest on a tech company turning sugar into fiber, a study connecting blood sugar to brain fog and new diabetes-related cancer risks revealed.

 A dreamy photo of a young white woman in a long white nightgown lighting candles in a bathroom with large checkered tiles and a claw foot tub, with light streaming in from the windows.

Are we getting sick younger? Here's what the science says.

The latest research shows that younger people are losing hair, getting cancer, and waking up to pee a few times overnight. Why? Let’s dig into the details.

A dreamy photograph of a man sitting on the wing of a plane set near the ocean, staring into the distant sunset.

When improving your health comes down to the numbers

Learn if hypervaccination protects against Covid-19, why women don’t need to exercise for as long as men and how daylight savings messes up more than just sleep.

View of outdated scientific equipment in a technology lab room.

How will technology transform our healthcare?

From speeding up the paperwork process to plagarizing research papers, here’s what we can expect from AI, ChatGPT and more health-tech on the horizon.

Full body photograph of a young Black man in casual clothes laughing at a joke while sitting on a soft floor pad and reading a book at home in a sunlit room surrounded by plants and wood and rope accents.

The latest research on how to be happy

Dr. B shares the latest on how outdoor therapy, hobbies and questioning happiness studies can help lighten the emotional load.

A young Black man with a beard and Afro lays on a massage table with his eyes closed, smiling.

The latest studies on heads and hair

What researchers know about migraines, compulsive hair pulling and the cancer risks to consider before dying your hair.

A beautiful young Black couple smile with their cheeks touching as they stand before pink cherry blossom trees.

How to protect your sexual health

Sex is rarely simple. Here’s what to know about how birth control pills can lower sex drive, why you shouldn’t have sex with a yeast infection and when abstaining from masturbation can harm mental and physical health. Plus, the latest healthcare news about STIs, Viagra and senior Covid-19 deaths.

Portrait of a tanned woman in her fifties or sixties wearing a swimsuit and goggles, smiling as she comes out of swimming in a lake.

Age against brain health, lactose and long-term care

Interested in aging healthfully? We share the latest on how age affects the ability to digest dairy, what tasks can reduce the risk of dementia symptoms and how hospice care can help improve quality of life for young people, too.

A child's hands old up a clear piggy bank with a few dollars in at against a blurry background of a bed and chair.

The best ways to improve your physical and financial health

Trying to get in the green? This week, we share how to fight medical bills, when you can use HSA/FSA funds for fitness fees and more.

Brown-skinned man relaxes in a Renova Hot Spring, wearing a towel wrapped around his head and glasses, with his beard frozen and a snowy, brushed landscape behind him.

Better sex, calmer stress and vital Covid news to know.

This week, we cover ways to reduce stress and encourage fun. Plus, share all the Covid-19 news to know for a safe, healthy season ahead.

A young white woman in warm pajamas sits on the bed of her cozy house, looking out the window with her back to the camera while in a dim room.

Unwinding anxiety with self-care, magnesium and healing foods

What does the latest science say about shifting practices to invoke greater calm into your life and space? These expert tips will help lighten the load.

A selfie of a woman on a beach in winter. She is wrapped up against the cold, wearing an insulated coat with he hood pulled up and a woollen hat. All that can be seen of her face is her eyes.

Eye twitches, conjunctivitis and more eye health updates

Curious about why your eye muscles are pumping? Looking for online pink eye treatment? These tips will keep your vision clear throughout the new year.

A young white woman is relaxing with closed eyes in front of scenic landscape wearing winter clothes and hat.

The best healthy habit lists to inspire your 2024

To inspire presence and self-care this coming year, work your way through the best roundups of healthy habit tips + vital health news.

Tumbleweed decorated with large colored Christmas lights on snowy winter day at rural ranch.

Inspiring health + wellness slow reads

Need affordable online treatment? Dr. B is open during the holidays. Relaxing + restoring? These articles from 2023 will inspire your quiet moments.

A young white woman wearing a black and red plaid shirt stands in front of a barn holding boughs of evergreens.

How to battle itchy skin and holiday heart syndrome

Whether referring to an irritated skin condition or a booze-free holiday, we dive into all things dry in our weekly newsletter.

Inspired woman enjoying a hike during a winter mountain vacation in New Zealand.

When it’s time to learn new things

Sometimes we think we know everything about a subject, then a new perspective comes to light, right? Get a new perspective on three old subjects.

Family with little child covering themselves with geometric Ecuadorian blanket taking a walk by the countryside at sunset, spending quality time together in autumn

Winter wellness and the health benefits of getting cozy

The latest studies on why we psychologically crave coziness and how short naps are good for our health. Plus, Dr. B’s first Wellness Gift Guide.

Latina mother and a 3 little daughters sit at the kitchen table having dinner, talking.

Healthcare updates on online Covid care, dogs and more

As we head into another winter season, keep updated on the latest vaccine numbers and learn the truth about whether or not dogs can spread Covid!

Female friends in winter clothing gather at a table, smiling and hugging each other.

Self-care tips for Thanksgiving and beyond

Explore what research shows on how to eat, vaccinate and meditate for whole-body health this holiday season. Plus, products to ground you in the coming weeks.

A couple kisses on the porch of their apartment as seen through hazy windows.

How viruses spread on boats, to brains and more

Here's what to know about curbing viral spread on a cruise ship, when to worry about sinus infection symptoms and how to find an online doctor.

Woman in red dress moving in red dress in the sunlight.

Why do we feel more pain at night?

As we face darker days ahead, explore why many symptoms flares at night, the upside to anger and why we often need to know how someone died.

A black and white photo of Cho-Cho the Health Clown. Photo courtesy of Cornell University.

Studies on fear show we love to be afraid

How does morbid curiosity explain our love of horror movies and conspiracy theories? Dig into studies on the fascinating physicality of fear.

A young white man with short brown hair dressed in black suit stands in a corn field and looks at the camera as he lights a cigarette.

Big Tobacco vs. gas stove safety

How did cigarette marketing tactics go on to sell us gas stoves, ultra-processed foods and internet shopping addiction? Get the gross history here.

Two young couples smile, talk, and prepare dinner together in a sunlight kitchen full of wood and stone accents.

The latest food science and digestion news

What do the latest studies have to say about how what we eat affect our skin, digestions, bones and more? Let’s dig into the (delicious) food news.

A dreamy outdoor photograph of a field and trees in autumn with speckled sunlight blurring part of the view.

Sleep health + hi-bear-nating tips

Here’s the lastest health news on how nightmares, periods, carbohydrates, Covid-19 and more can affect rest.

An overhead shot of the legs of a person wearing dark blue jeans and red rubber boots standing in the grass at the edge of still misty-blue water.

Fall health and hydration tips

How should we shift our water consumption and skincare routines for optimum winter health? Learn how water can help us stay healthy or cause harm.

A woman in an orange sweater and jeans rakes leaves on a stone patio, as seen through glass doors from inside.

Fall cleaning tips and health news

Are green cleaning products really safer? What’s the best way to wash winter bedding? Is poor air quality making us sick? Get your fall cleaning checklist here!

A white hand and holding a large pink mushroom freshly picked from the forest.

When fungi aren’t fun guys.

Magic mushrooms, migraines, climate change and fungal infections—explore the latest health news on all things fungus and health!

Grooming routine of a young Black woman with curly brown hair. She is styling her hair by picking her curls with a long comb.

Hair today, gone tomorrow? Let’s talk hair health.

Love the mop on your head? Learn why exactly hair turns gray, which vitamins most help hair grow and how Covid-19 can cause hair loss.

Young white couple sleeping in bed. Night lights coming from the street through the window make the room look blue.

Feed your brain with shock therapy?

Here’s what to know about the controversial treatment. Plus, how scent affects cognitive function and the new tech giving paralyzed people a voice.

Two laughing young African female friends holding on to a float while swimming together in the ocean on a sunny day.

Does good grief exist? Here’s the latest research.

To lighten the emotional load, learn the benefits pre-grieving an impending loss, how to mourn climate change and how to find a new path after long-term grief.

A Latino toddler rides on the shoulders of their father while their mother looks up and laughs. They walk on a broad mountain road, smiling.

How different types of protein impact our health

Discover all the ways protein affects heart health and fatigue. Plus, what sustainable protein sources might be in our future.

Overhead shot of an anonymous woman receiving a balinese massage in a beautiful day spa. Pastel color scheme.

The 411 on whole-body medical massage benefits

Curious about gua sha, vagus nerve stimulation or how lymphatic drainage can help reduce puffiness and more? Here’s what to know about medical massage.

A starling stands on a wooden floor, as seen at eye-level through an open door.

Human health + ticks + dogs + birds, oh my!

Here's what to know about the current bird flu strain, how tick saliva helps spread disease and why playing with dogs can do wonders for our mental health.

A young white woman with wearing a white skincare face mask, sunglasses, and a towel on her hair, stands against a wall of ivy and looks at the camera

What do itchy skin and rashes have to do with severe heat?

Summer heat and humidity can flare some skin symptoms. Here’s what to know about heat + eczema, rosacea and melasma. And how Dr. B can help you treat them with an online consultation.

Two laughing young African female friends holding on to a float while swimming together in the ocean on a sunny day.

How extreme heat affects your health (and what to do about it)

A brutal wave puts people with preexisting conditions and pets at high risk for heat-related illness. Explore vetted tips to help you stay cool and in control.

A closeup shot on the beach of a white woman's hands. One holds seashells and other natural debris. The other holds small pieces of plastic found on the beach.

The latest research shows just how plastics impact our health

Trying to ditch the plastic? Learn more about its health impacts, and how to lighten the load in your plastic-free detergent sheets, kitchen and more.

A young white person with shorn hair smiles in the light as they turn their body away from the camera.

The latest cancer care updates to know

Here’s what to know about promising new cancer vaccines, the chemotherapy drug shortage and how clinical trials are harming patients over 70.

A pregnant woman with long red hair wearing an orange bikini stands on the beach and puts sunscreen on her face.

Summer skincare updates and top tools for sun protection!

Want to reduce your risk of skin cancer and sun damage? Here’s how to handle a super-sweaty face (hyperhidrosis), why SPF matters and top UV protection tools.

An outdoor photograph of city buildings and the heads of people marching in a Pride parade, with a pride flag with a heart at the center above the crowd.

2023 Pride and LGBTQ+ health news

Take a tour of standout Pride events nationwide and learn how government organizations and communities are keeping LGBTQ+ people safe and healthy.

An older thin white woman with short white hair wearing a sunhat, sun glasses and a bathing suite sits on a rainbow colored raft on the sand in front of the water.

Hydration and safety tips for summer!

The summer months offer so much fun! But these summer health tips will help you avoid dehydration, falls and more.

A Black woman with brown hair wearing a long white shirt opens the sheer blinds covering a large window.

Respiratory illness health news to know

What's in wildfire smoke? What inequities put some people in the line of fire? And how can we reverse course on auto air pollution? Read on.

A young Black woman with short hair wearing a yellow tank top sits on a couch, eating a bowl of cereal in a colorful bowl.

The latest food science news to know

What do studies say about no-cal sweeteners, artificial food dyes and trigger foods? The latest food science may go down like a bitter pill. But here it is!

A young white woman in bed hides under a sheet, smiling as she looks up at the rainbow-colored sheet above her.

Learn about the latest mental health support resources

How can eating our veggies and doing art curb symptoms of a mental illness? If you’re struggling or in crisis, here’s the latest behavioral health news.

Side view of a white woman with red hair sitting on a bed covered in white linens against a white wall splattered with sunlight, covering her face with her hands.

Top tools to help you manage medical debt

Understanding how medical credit cards work and monitoring your credit score makes a difference. NeighborShare and Dr. B are here to help.

A white couple with red hair spend the morning in bed, laughing and drinking coffee against a blue wall with a white dog cuddling on the comforter.

How do I boost my microbiome health?

The bacteria in our digestive system influences how we sleep, fight cancers and age. Intrigued? Let's dig into everything digestive health!

A fit Black man road running at sunrise. He is well built and wears all black sportswear whilst running on a road overlooking a city at sunrise.

Do you know these hypertension risks?

High blood pressure doesn't cause symptoms until it's advanced. Learn how pregnancy, the workplace and more can increase your risk so you can catch it early on.

A color photograph of a young white woman with short blond hair wearing a white t-shirt, laying outside in a field of wildflowers with her face up to the sky.

How to love nature and protect yourself from ticks!

Update your brain on new tick-transmitted diseases, a human Lyme vaccine on the horizon and why it's important to love nature—despite tick risk.

A closeup photograph of a Black woman with curly brown hair standing in front of a peach-colored wall. She's holding a bouquet of wildflowers close to her face, so only her swollen eyes are visible behind it.

What do we know about seasonal allergies today?

Keep on top of the latest research on allergies and aging, mixing antihistamines and alcohol and how to best expel phlegm. (Yep, there's a best way!)

An outdoor photograph of a beautiful brown-skinned woman with black curly hair. She's sitting underneath an umbrella with palm trees in the background, her eyes shut and face tilted up to the sky.

What exactly is a migraine, anyway?

What causes a migraine? How can loved ones help us navigate migraine life? And what tools deliver migraine relief? Get the latest scoop on this brain drain.

A curvy white man and woman wearing pants and long shirts walk barefoot on a beach.

The latest on STI rates and the stigma that feeds them

Learn all about the latest STD statistics, why there’s so much stigma around the herpes virus how to have the sex talk with potential partners.

Portrait of a young Asian woman with pink hair wearing a yellow winter cap, thick coat and turtleneck sweater, looking off camera with the London Eye in the background.

Learn about UTI's, eating meat, and having sex!

Is that burning, itching sensation caused by sex or the meat you ate? Learn how to prevent, identify and treat a urinary tract infection.

A tan-skinned woman with curly brown hair wearing a blue tank top with a few tattoos on her arm leans out of a window against a green wall.

The latest weight stigma in France, film and more

Dive into conversations around fatphobia in The Whale, a myth about thinness and French women, and other weighted issues.

A color indoor photograph of a young Black woman with brown hair wearing a yellow sweater and black pants. They sit cross-legged on a bed in front of a laptop with a dog sleeping alongside them, staring out into the sunny window.

What do we know about long Covid in 2023?

What causes long Covid in one person but not another? Get to know the latest on symptoms, risk and some personal long Covid stories.

A closeup indoor photograph of a woman with brown skin and tattoos wearing shorts and a long-sleeved shirt, sitting on a couch covered with a blue blanket, holding a water bottle to their stomach.

Workout pain, medical PTSD and pain management tips

Everyone experiences pain. That doesn’t make it easy to articulate or talk about, right? Let's try to do both, anyway.

A color photograph of a child's hand resting over the hand of an older person, with slightly wrinkled skin, wearing a turquoise ring.

The latest on how to age gracefully

Why do we feel younger than our age? Do eye creams work? How does our aging brain work against us? Dig into the latest science to help you age gracefully.

A color photograph of a Black woman in her bedroom, stretching while sitting up on her bed. She's wearing a pink-red nightdress and headband.

Let's celebrate Black health activists

Black health experts are often overlooked in the media and history books. Come meet a few creative changemakers taking medical racial bias to task.

A color indoor photograph of a couple in a white and steel kitchen. A young Asian man with short hair wearing a gray t-shirt embraces a young brown-skinned woman, also wearing a short-sleeve gray tea, holding a coffee cup.

Here's why we get that sexual feeling

What causes the butterfly feeling, how does virtual flirting support IRL fidelity and can Viagra keeps your heart pumping? Let's explore!

A color indoor photograph of a white man wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, laying on a blue velvet couch with a book over his head, napping.

Here's what may be causing your extreme fatigue

Chronic fatigue. Compassion fatigue. Parenting fatigue. We’re feeling all of it. Explore the latest findings on things that affect energy levels.

A color outdoor photograph of a sidewalk in front of a building with a bright red door and wall. A young Asian woman with long dark hair wearing a tan overcoat hugs a tall white man with brown hair wearing a black overcoat, their small white dog on a leash looking up at them.

The science of health, love and happiness!

Can science explain why humans love?! They can try! Take a look at what researchers currently know about oxytocin, male birth control and staying in love.

A color outdoor photograph of a woman fully covered in winter clothing walking on a winter beach with her dog, a golden retriever

How to take care of your skin in winter

It’s not just about heavy moisturizer. Lean about how vitamin D + hydration make a massive difference in winter skin. Plus, how to tell dry skin from rosacea.

A color photograph of a sun-dappled kitchen, where a white mother with long dark hair wearing an apron kneads bread dough as her toddler runs around her.

2023 diet trends, gut health and cheese benefits!

Love to eat? Then dig into the best and worst ranked diets, studies that show cheese can help maintain healthy body weight and findings about the microbiome.

A color outdoor photograph of a white woman with blond hair tied up into a bun and a pink scarf flowing in the wind. She's standing with her back to the camera, with an expansive New York City scene and pink sky ahead of her.

What are the health effects of quitting alcohol?

You don't have to quit booze indefinitely. Science shows that going dry for a few weeks can deliver health benefits for our brain, body and social ties!

A color indoor photograph of a white, older male tourist wearing a camera around their neck, standing next to a window amongst bare dining tables, opening gauzy yellow curtains to a view of water and sky.

In dark times, here's how to find the light

If you feel especially dark during this dark time of year, you're not alone. Explore some healing and preventative routines that make a true difference.

A color outdoor landscape of a mountain range with a river cutting through it. In the foreground a woman stands with her back to the camera, wearing brown pants and a shiny gold jacket, raising their arms to the sky.

How to make the best non-resolutions this New Year

Not all resolutions are physically or mentally healthy. Learn how to change up your habits while saving energy and cash along the way.

A color indoor photograph of a cheerful winter scene, with slippered feet perched on a coffee table in front of a misty bright window with holiday lights outdoors.

What happens when you get two viruses at one time?

What happens when you get two viruses together? With the tripledemic infecting holiday fun, learn vital news about compounded Covid-19, RSV and flu risks.

A color indoor photograph of a Black man with short brown hair wearing a long tan shirt and jeans and a white woman with long red hair wearing a long white shirt and jeans. They're on a bed with a bowl of popcorn, talking and laughing with each other.

Swipe right for these top online dating health tips

Healthcare issues have transformed the dating game. So let's review how dating technology helps us date safer and access sexual health services faster.

A color outdoor photograph of a child standing in front of evergreen trees, holding a large Christmas gift up so that it blocks their face.

Tips for less stressful holiday spending!

Exhausted from gift giving, debating the health benefits fake versus fresh trees, or just tired of it all?! This week's health updates will soothe the spirit!

A color photograph of a white woman with her long hair tied up, working on a computer while seated in her living room with a baby resting on the couch next to her.

Are at-home health options improving?

The pandemic highlighted the importance of at-home healthcare. Learn about how hospital care, food sensitivity tests and STD tests are coming home, too.

A color photograph of a Black family gathered at their dining room table, with parents, children and teenagers mid-discussion.

Thanksgiving healthcare news and wellness updates

With the holidays ramping up, this abbreviated newsletter delivers only the resources you need to navigate the hectic season ahead.

A color photograph of a Black family gathered at their dining room table, with parents, children and teenagers mid-discussion.

Your 2022 guide to healthy holidays!

Get excellent tips for how to create a wallet-friendly feast, a plan to protect your mental health and Covid-19 precautions for the holiday season.

A color photograph of a window shining dappled light on the body of a young, thin white woman with blond hair wearing jeans and leaning back against pillows

How to honor and protect our veterans' health!

This Veteran's Day, find out which healthcare scenarios active service members and veterans face today. And how you can help.

A color photograph of a window shining dappled light on the body of a young, thin white woman with blond hair wearing jeans and leaning back against pillows

Why we need to talk about anorexia

The message that thin is in again encourages body shaming. So let's revisit the dangerous intersections of anorexia and larger bodies, religion and alcohol.

An eerie black-and-white photograph of a wide field with a figure dressed as a ghost at center.

Scary health stories for Halloween haunts!

Urban legends about lethal candy, undiagnosed illness, and weird historical medical treatments... Creeped out but curious? Have a read.

A color photograph of a window with an arm in a blue sweater pulling back faded curtains with fruit on them, a blue sky showing outside.

What is the future of mental healthcare?

How can taking a mental health day benefit more than just your spirit? And what resources help those with mental illnesses thrive? Here's what to know, now!

A color photograph of a wide outdoor winter landscape, with two friends in a park with water and bare trees behind them. A young white woman sits on the top ledge of a park bench, wearing jeans, a scarf, a winter coat and hat, smiling down at her friend. A white man in a wheelchair wearing khaki pants, a dark jacket and sweatshirt with the hood up laughs up to her.

How you can nurture the friend zone - and why you should!

Studies show that strong relationships can benefit our brain and body. Curious? Discover how to easily and effectively strengthen your social bonds.

A color photograph of a wide outdoor autumn landscape. And Asian adult man and young teenage child stand on a rock cliff high over a body of water, which reflects the clouds and autumnal trees at top and bottom.

How to transition your body for cooler weather

Every season affects our body differently. Here’s how to exercise safely, sleep better, and find joy during the dark, cold months.

A photograph of a white woman in her fifties sitting in a camp chair on a pebbled beach, looking into the water with a table and a coffee pot next to her, and a tent almost out of the frame.

Food and lifestyle heart health for women

For World Heart Day, we cover how women (in particular) can assess heart risk. Then fold in some simple heart-healthy habits + a delicious way to start the day.

Color photograph of a senior white couple on a beach wearing bathing suits, smiling and embracing each other.

Learn about polio's long history and post-polio syndrome

Here's what you need to know about polio's return to the spotlight. Plus, recipes for a good life from post-polio survivor and chef Ina Pinkney.

Color photograph of three generations of a white Italian family making pasta together in a sunlit kitchen.

Is gluten bad (or good) for you?

What exactly is gluten and how can we assess its place in our health? We dig into diet trends, studies + healthy grains that are safe and delicious for all!

A toned young Black woman wearing black leggings and a bright pink fitted tank sits on the beach looking away from the camera as she holds an elevated yoga pose.

How every body can celebrate Yoga Awareness Month

Learn about yoga health + history, find an online class that’s right for your body and stock up on inclusive gear.

A young woman with long red hair wearing a black tank top smiles into the camera as she stands next to an office whiteboard.

Learn tips for fostering healthy work-life balance

Is "quiet quitting" the new approach to work-life balance? Let's explore the history, activities and tips that encourage healthier workspaces.

A male doctor with medium-toned skin and dark hair sits in a blue shirt and lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck, typing into a computer and smiling

How to get at-home Covid-19 care for everyone!

Learn how qualifying patients can get Covid-19 medication online for just $15 with Dr. B's convenient consultation platform.

A statue of a gnome meditating sits in a field of tall grass and purple flowers

Load up on these healthy tools for rest and relaxation

Setting aside time for relaxation is always a good thing. So let’s go through a few easeful and joyful activities that restore our bodies and spirits.

A masked, exhausted woman covered in mud stares intensely at the camera against a backdrop of muddy, artistic swirls on a white wall

What to know about Mpox exposure, vaccination and treatment

Mpox is neither as contagious nor as deadly as Covid-19—and vaccines and treatment target it. But you should still stay alert. Learn why.

A glossy hand stretches out on a bed of wet pink salt.

Here's how to stay healthfully hydrated

Why is water important and when should you reach for drinks with electrolytes? It's got a lot to do with salt!

A high overhead photograph of a Mediterranean beach with turquoise water to the left and sand dotted with umbrellas and people on the right.

Summer heat means it's time to update your skincare routine!

It’s always smart to show summer skin extra TLC. So we’ve got a history of tanning trends, Dr. B pro tips, and the 411 on UVF clothing.

A tattooed forearm reaches up against a bright pink background with a hand spelling "I love you" in sign language.

PSA: "Disabled" is not a dirty word!

July is Disability Pride Month. Let's celebrate with a disability history lesson + tips on how to be an ally to disabled people.

A photograph taken from inside a vehicle shows a broad mountain vista in the distance and a person's legs in a sleeping bag with a large dog sleeping alongside.

The healing power of camping, stargazing and birdwatching

Explore the benefits of getting offline and outdoors, find the most effective mosquito repellents and get ingredients for healthier s'mores!

A white person's arm reaches out into a body of turquoise blue water, holding a sea shell.

No body shame! All bodies are beach bodies!

Explore the history of body shame and why it affects us during swimsuit season. Plus, follow these body-positive influencers and brighten your feeds!

A photograph of a dark blue sky with two fireworks mid-explosion at center.

When the sound and fury of fireworks hurts

The boom of fireworks can hurt veterans, people with sound sensitivities and pets. These resources and disability aids can help soften the blow.

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