Frequently asked questions

What role did Dr. B play during the vaccine roll-out?

Dr. B launched as a free vaccine standby list in the U.S. before nation-wide resources were available. We worked to save lives by matching patients who needed a vaccine with vaccine providers who had excess doses. Our standby list prioritized patients according to local guidelines, ensuring that those at highest risk were bumped to the front of the list. In just a handful of months, we launched in 37 states, onboarded 700+ vaccine providers, and ultimately sent out 1 million+ dose alerts.

What is Dr. B working on next?

The pandemic transformed the ways we access healthcare, with a 38X growth in telehealth adoption over the last two years. Dr. B is now applying our focus to online medical prescriptions, a fast-growing industry in need of more price transparency and better choices for patients. Part of our platform will also be dedicated to health equity—just like it was with vaccine access.

Where does the name Dr. B come from?

Dr. B is named in honor of Cyrus Massoumi’s grandfather, whom the family affectionately referred to as Dr. Bubba. The original Dr. B became a doctor during the 1918 Spanish flu, and dedicated his life to removing obstacles between patients and care.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe by sending us an email at

I signed up in the past. Will my information be shared?

We take data privacy and security very seriously. We will not sell, share, or transfer your data to any third-parties, other than as set forth in our privacy policy.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA regulates how doctors and insurers protect data and share data with other HIPAA-covered entities. Although we are not technically regulated under HIPAA, we take the privacy and security of our patients’ information very seriously and have modeled our privacy and security compliance after the standards set forth in HIPAA. In addition, our team collectively has decades of experience building HIPAA-compliant healthcare systems and understands the organizational and technical practices to keep your data safe.

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