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The best healthy habit lists to inspire your 2024

To inspire presence and self-care this coming year, work your way through the best roundups of healthy habit tips + vital health news.
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“Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

So suggests Mary Oliver in her poem on how to live life. To inspire greater presence + self-care in 2024, this week’s Checkup links teem with invigorating healthy-habit lists. Then, we close with healthcare news.

Our full newsletter content will return next week. Until then, cheers to living your “one wild and precious life” to the fullest.

The Checkup

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Healthcare 411

More states extend health coverage to immigrants even as issue inflames GOP (NPR). 11 states + D.C. now offer health insurance to 1+ million low-income immigrants no matter their legal status. Seven states are gearing up to do the same, which could double numbers by 2025. The pandemic highlighted the need for everyone to have healthcare access. That’s why Dr. B treats 30+ common conditions online for just $15. Explore our care areas.

Doctors fear new Covid strain could trigger 'heart failure pandemic' across the globe (MSN). The virus clings to ACE2 receptors in the heart, causing reduced cardiac function in many Covid-19 patients. Ample clinical evidence supports this outcome. But only tests on cardiac tissue models will provide information on heart failure progression. If you’re at high risk for severe illness, Dr. B can help you get same-day Covid-19 antiviral medication —without leaving home and for just $15. Get online Covid-19 treatment.

More than 13 million people lost Medicaid coverage this year… (NBC). Medicaid coverage yearly evaluations were halted during the pandemic, guaranteeing continual care. Due to unwinding reevaluations, at least 13 million people have lost coverage—70% of them due to clerical errors like missed paperwork. Denied vital treatments, patients have suffered.

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