Where we started

Last year was a wild ride. We launched Dr. B at the height of the Covid-19 crisis when vaccines were going to waste, even as people lined up around the block to get one. Our standby list was developed to equitably match patients who needed vaccines with 700+ providers in 37 states. Ultimately we offered a vaccine to over a million people followed by “last mile” campaigns in under-vaccinated communities across the U.S. As shots became more broadly available, we also began to research how to apply our platform to other healthcare challenges.

Where we’re headed

The pandemic shifted our lives online, including the ways many of us access primary care and prescriptions. But as telemedicine providers have multiplied, so have prices, with many patients paying far more for medications than they need to. After over a decade in healthcare, I know how confusing it can be – and I think there’s a better, more transparent way. Dr. B is launching a new service that allows you to affordably get the everyday prescriptions you depend on, then fulfill those scripts wherever is most convenient – whether that’s online or the pharmacy around the corner.

Lowering health inequity

We’re also committed to making healthcare better for everyone. Covid-19 made existing healthcare inequities even more stark and while shifting that reality is a big, complicated undertaking, I believe it’s critical to pursue. To that end, Dr. B is dedicating part of our platform to providing free care to those who are under-resourced when it comes to income, transportation, insurance or ability to see a doctor.

I’m excited to share more about our new mission soon. Until then, be well.

Cyrus Massoumi
Signature - Cyrus Massoumi

Cyrus Massoumi, CEO & Founder

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