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A white woman with short red hair wearing a dark red strapless body suit and orange skirt lies facedown in a bush.

What to do when your allergy medicine stops working?

Maybe you have a new allergy trigger. Or you’re treating the wrong symptoms. No matter the cause, learn how to find a better allergy medicine for you.

The head and arm of a white woman lying on a colorful bedspread is shown to the side of the photograph. She is lying face down, and looks like she's in pain.

Can high cholesterol cause headaches?

Wonder if high cholesterol is causing current or chronic headaches? Here’s everything you need to know about the connection.

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Do hats cause hair loss?

Worried that your favorite cap is stressing out your hair? Here’s what to know about the causes of hair loss. Plus, how you can prevent thinning or balding with a little TLC—or prescription treatment.

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Can you get pink eye from a fart?

If you’re worried that pink eye can be spread via farts, you’re not alone. Here, our health experts separate fact from stinky fiction.

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Are we getting sick younger? Here's what the science says.

The latest research shows that younger people are losing hair, getting cancer, and waking up to pee a few times overnight. Why? Let’s dig into the details.

An older female professional with long graying hair wearing a checkered jacket blows her nose at her desk.

Can allergies cause a fever?

Think allergies may be firing up your temperature? Our experts share what to know about allergies and fever—including when to see a doctor no matter your fever source.

An anonymous white  woman giving an energy healing (reiki) to another white woman with menstrual pain. Both are dressed in natural fabrics and wear a mala around their necks. The woman receiving the treatment is holding a crystal in her right hand.

Can a yeast infection delay your period?

Can vaginal candidiasis disrupt the timing of your monthly flow? Our experts share everything to know about the connection between periods and yeast infections.

A young Black man with a beard and Afro lays on a massage table with his eyes closed, smiling.

The latest studies on heads and hair

What researchers know about migraines, compulsive hair pulling and the cancer risks to consider before dying your hair.

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Can you have sex with a yeast infection?

Feeling itchy and frisky? Here’s what to know about how sex can affect a yeast infection—and vice versa. Plus how the two can increase risk factors for pregnancy and STIs.

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Is high cholesterol genetic? (And can it be prevented?)

Diet aside, learn how genetics can play a part when it comes to cholesterol levels. Plus, how to treat high cholesterol with prescription treatment.

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How long does motion sickness last?

Motion sickness can be a real drag. How long can you expect it to last? Our experts share what to know about symptoms, duration and treatment.

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How to cure BV in one day?

Bacterial infections can cause uncomfortable and distracting symptoms. So can you cure BV in a single day? Here’s what to know about this common condition.

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When does pink eye cause fever?

Are you dealing with sensitive, itchy eyes and a fever? Our experts break down what to know about pink eye + fever. Plus, when to seek medical help.

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How long does gout last?

Sudden, intense joint pain can feel unbearable. Discover a few ways to improve symptoms and minimize future flares.

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How much does Paxlovid cost in 2024?

Why is Paxlovid so expensive now? Here’s what to know about the cost of Paxlovid with or without insurance and how to get Covid-19 treatment online.

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Eye twitches, conjunctivitis and more eye health updates

Curious about why your eye muscles are pumping? Looking for online pink eye treatment? These tips will keep your vision clear throughout the new year.

Photo of middle aged white woman wearing a yellow sweater and a face mask, using her phone while she waits for her flight in an airport.

How many Covid boosters are there?

Here’s what to know about the latest available Covid-19 vaccine boosters, including how to time your next dose for maximum protection.

Ill female having cold sitting with glass of warm tea on couch under blanket and looking away. She is recovering with help of medicine.

Which flu is worse: flu A or flu B?

Get ready to finally understand the types of flu and their names. Plus, why the updated flu vaccine offers top protection against this season's type.

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How long is pink eye contagious after starting drops?

If your eyes are still tearing and emitting pink eye discharge, are you still contagious? Get all the answers straight from the experts.

A color photograph of a young mother taking a nap on a living room couch while her toddler daughter reads a book inside a gauzy tent.

How long does Covid-19 take to incubate?

If you’ve been exposed to Covid-19, how long will it take for you to feel sick? Learn all about Covid-19 incubation timing.

Young woman lying on mattress on the floor in sunlit with closed eyes

How long does a UTI last?

Learn how long it will take for your painful urination or other UTI symptoms to hit the road—and how prescription treatment can speed up the process.

Young ill man with cold and high fever lying on sofa at home. Cold and flu season.

What to do (and what to avoid) after a flu shot

Will flu vaccine side effects put you down and out for a day or two? Learn self-care tips and to-do’s to help you bounce back fast.

Unrecognizable person's hands checking the positive result of a Covid rapid test at home. She's holding the test in her hands in natural light

Do Covid tests expire? (And can you use them anyway?)

Get answers to common questions about at-home Covid-19 tests, like how they work against current variants and what to do if they've expired.

Close-up of calm Korean girl with smooth skin looking at camera with fingers on face.

How long does a sinus infection last?

Want to know when relief will come? Our health experts cover common sinusitis symptoms, causes and treatments so you can feel better fast.

Photograph from above of a Black family in bed, with a man and woman cuddling two small children.

Do I have Covid-19, the flu or RSV?

When you have a respiratory virus, these expert tips will help you learn how to determine which one is making you ill.

A young white mother with short red hair sits in bed looking tired as she talks to her young blonde son who is gently hugging her.

When is Flu Season?

Learn how to protect yourself from the 2023 and 2024 flu strains. Plus, how to find prescription flu treatment if you fall ill.

Group of multigenerational family and friends relaxing around a fire in Sonoma Wine Country in California after dinner party. They are drinking wine and laughing.

What to know about Covid vaccines in 2023-2024

Here’s what to know about your current Covid-19 vaccine options. Plus, tips for timing your vaccine for ultimate protection this virus season.

Sad and sick pinscher dog lying under a blanket with its owner on a sofa in the living room at home.

Can dogs get Covid-19—and spread it to humans?

Is your furry friend under the weather? Here’s what limited research shows about Covid-19 and pets. Plus, how to prevent your dog from a coronavirus infection.

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Is diarrhea a symptom of Covid-19?

Hit with Covid-19 AND gastrointestinal symptoms? Our experts share what to know about GI symptoms and Covid-19. Plus, when you should get medical help.

A couple kisses on the porch of their apartment as seen through hazy windows.

How viruses spread on boats, to brains and more

Here's what to know about curbing viral spread on a cruise ship, when to worry about sinus infection symptoms and how to find an online doctor.

From above, a young white woman lays on her bed wearing a white shirt and jeans, frowning as she rubs her face in pain or fatigue.

Are sinus infections contagious from one person to another?

Sinus infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies and more. Learn about when and how these infections can spread.

Side view of calm Hispanic woman in casual clothes closing eyes and resting on couch near table with smartphone and notebook while taking break in home studies in light living room.

How to tell if a sinus infection has spread to your brain

It is extremely rare for bacteria from a sinus infection to infect the brain. But it does happen. Here’s what to look out for.

High angle of unrecognizable hopeless female covering face and sitting on floor near bed in darkness while suffering from insomnia at night

How to stop gout pain at night?

Suffering from nighttime foot discomfort or joint inflammation? Learn how to tame those symptoms and ease the pain for good.

A Latino toddler rides on the shoulders of their father while their mother looks up and laughs. They walk on a broad mountain road, smiling.

How different types of protein impact our health

Discover all the ways protein affects heart health and fatigue. Plus, what sustainable protein sources might be in our future.

A Black woman with brown hair wearing a long white shirt opens the sheer blinds covering a large window.

Respiratory illness health news to know

What's in wildfire smoke? What inequities put some people in the line of fire? And how can we reverse course on auto air pollution? Read on.

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Do you know these hypertension risks?

High blood pressure doesn't cause symptoms until it's advanced. Learn how pregnancy, the workplace and more can increase your risk so you can catch it early on.

A closeup photograph of a Black woman with curly brown hair standing in front of a peach-colored wall. She's holding a bouquet of wildflowers close to her face, so only her swollen eyes are visible behind it.

What do we know about seasonal allergies today?

Keep on top of the latest research on allergies and aging, mixing antihistamines and alcohol and how to best expel phlegm. (Yep, there's a best way!)

An outdoor photograph of a beautiful brown-skinned woman with black curly hair. She's sitting underneath an umbrella with palm trees in the background, her eyes shut and face tilted up to the sky.

What exactly is a migraine, anyway?

What causes a migraine? How can loved ones help us navigate migraine life? And what tools deliver migraine relief? Get the latest scoop on this brain drain.

a young black woman with an afro is laying on the edge of a bed embracing a black man who is sitting on the floor staring up at her

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and sex: common misconceptions

Before you get frisky, here’s what to know about BV and sex. Plus, how to get BV medication online through a Dr. B health assessment.

a white woman in a white t-shirt lays in bed on white sheets with her hands over her face in discomfort

Bacterial vaginosis: causes, symptoms and treatment

How do you know if you have bacterial vaginosis? Get to know the causes, symptoms and treatment options. Plus, how to get BV medication online.

a young white woman with shoulder-length brown hair has an arm outstretched with a gesture that signifies staying away

6 tips for how to prevent bacterial vaginosis (BV)

BV is a common and treatable condition—and no fun! Learn how to stop BV before it starts with these medically-vetted tips.

white background with constellation of rainbow colored pills in different shapes and sizes

How to treat bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Medically-vetted information about common BV medicines. Plus, how you can get BV medication online through a virtual health assessment.

A Filipino woman with short dark hair is standing against a light brown wall staring upwards pensively

Is it a yeast infection or...?

An itchy vagina or irregular discharge can cramp your style. Learn how to tell if your symptoms stem from a yeast infection or something else!

Asian woman with short dark hair and a striped red shirt holds a light blue bucket hat on her head while looking quizzically to the side

Why do I keep getting bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

Tired of trying to cure BV at home only to have it come back again? Learn why recurrent BV happens and how to get BV antibiotics online.

A white woman is lying on her back in bed with a pillow over her head, signifying discomfort

Symptoms of a yeast infection

What are common vaginal yeast infection symptoms? How can you determine the cause of vaginal itching or vaginal discharge? Our experts share all that—and more.

A middle aged woman with dark hair is laying in bed looking at a phone in a red case

What to look out for: symptoms of bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Learn how to recognize the common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis—and the ones that should have you seeking prescription treatment.

An older white woman is sitting with her head on her arms, looking into the distance

UTI causes, symptoms and treatment: everything you need to know

When it hurts to pee, we’ve got the expert advice you need to forge a personal UTI treatment plan. Plus, learn how to get UTI antibiotics without leaving home.

A woman in pink slacks and a white top is crawling into a leafy green hedge in search of something

Is it a UTI or…?

How to tell if you have a UTI vs. STD, yeast infection and more. Plus, how Dr. B can help you access UTI treatment online!

A woman with long black hair in braids is wearing a sports top while drinking from a water bottle with her eyes closed

Everything you need to know about how to prevent UTIs

Does cranberry juice really help? And what’s the deal with swimsuits? Here’s expert advice on all that—and more!

A middle-aged black woman with short hair is resting on a dark grey couch with her eyes closed

Do you have a UTI? Common UTI symptoms to look out for

We dive deep into how UTIs happen, the worrisome symptoms to watch for and how to get a UTI prescription online.

A repeating pattern of orange pills on a lemon yellow background

How to treat a UTI: all your questions answered

What are the best antibiotics for treating a UTI? Can you prevent a UTI from coming back? And can you get UTI medicine without leaving home?

rolls of white toilet paper on a rose pink background

What causes a UTI in women? Here are the top 8 reasons

Learn the top causes of urinary tract infections. Plus, how to get a UTI prescription online to send painful symptoms on their way.

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What causes a yeast infection?

Our experts share what causes or increases yeast infection risk. Plus, how to treat a yeast infection treatment online with a virtual health assessment.

The hand of a white woman, holding half an orange

What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

What exactly is bacterial vaginosis and how can you get BV medicine online? Here’s everything you need to know.

An orange papaya sliced in half sits against a grass green background

Yeast infection causes, symptoms and treatment

Are annoying vaginal symptoms throwing off your game? We've got your back. Learn how to spot (and treat) a vaginal yeast infection.

Two young black women with afros embracing and smiling at the beach on a sunny day

Yeast infection treatments

Dig into everything you need to know about antifungal yeast infection treatments—your first line of defense against itchy, painful vaginal irritation.

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