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Everything we know about Covid-19
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How much does Paxlovid cost in 2024?

Why is Paxlovid so expensive now? Here’s what to know about the cost of Paxlovid with or without insurance and how to get Covid-19 treatment online.

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How many Covid boosters are there?

Here’s what to know about the latest available Covid-19 vaccine boosters, including how to time your next dose for maximum protection.

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How long does Covid-19 take to incubate?

If you’ve been exposed to Covid-19, how long will it take for you to feel sick? Learn all about Covid-19 incubation timing.

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Do Covid tests expire? (And can you use them anyway?)

Get answers to common questions about at-home Covid-19 tests, like how they work against current variants and what to do if they've expired.

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Do I have Covid-19, the flu or RSV?

When you have a respiratory virus, these expert tips will help you learn how to determine which one is making you ill.

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What to know about Covid vaccines in 2023-2024

Here’s what to know about your current Covid-19 vaccine options. Plus, tips for timing your vaccine for ultimate protection this virus season.

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Healthcare updates on online Covid care, dogs and more

As we head into another winter season, keep updated on the latest vaccine numbers and learn the truth about whether or not dogs can spread Covid!

Sad and sick pinscher dog lying under a blanket with its owner on a sofa in the living room at home.

Can dogs get Covid-19—and spread it to humans?

Is your furry friend under the weather? Here’s what limited research shows about Covid-19 and pets. Plus, how to prevent your dog from a coronavirus infection.

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Is diarrhea a symptom of Covid-19?

Hit with Covid-19 AND gastrointestinal symptoms? Our experts share what to know about GI symptoms and Covid-19. Plus, when you should get medical help.

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Fall cleaning tips and health news

Are green cleaning products really safer? What’s the best way to wash winter bedding? Is poor air quality making us sick? Get your fall cleaning checklist here!

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What do we know about long Covid in 2023?

What causes long Covid in one person but not another? Get to know the latest on symptoms, risk and some personal long Covid stories.

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PHASE Scientific Americas and Dr. B make it easy to get COVID-19 antiviral medications from the comfort of your home

If you have COVID-19 and are at high risk for severe illness, our partnership can make all the difference in your access to life-saving antiviral care.

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So you have Covid-19. What are your treatment options?

If you or someone you love is at high risk for severe illness and has a Covid-19 infection, what is the best medicine? And how can you get it?

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Is quarantine over? What the new CDC guidelines actually mean

Dr. B reviews the new CDC recommendations so you can both enjoy social spaces and keep those in your communities safe.

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Do you live in a 'Paxlovid desert'?

Rural areas often lack healthcare infrastructure, putting patients looking to get vaccinated at risk. Can't find care near you? Discover your options.

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Paxlovid for Covid-19: The Basics

Learn who is eligible for Paxlovid, how Covid-19 antivirals work, Paxlovid's side effects, and how to get Paxlovid online.

Dr. B community partners in Washington D.C. (via ABC7, WJLA)

Our last mile vaccination playbook: hyperlocal trust building

Around half of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated. But spiking case numbers remind us the pandemic is not over yet.

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Prioritized queuing: what is it and does it work?

Allocating scarce medical resources requires hard choices. Learn how the primarily vaccine rollout worked and how Dr. B stepped in to fill the gaps.

Dr. B Outreach Team at FRESHFARM Events

Supporting Community Efforts in Vaccination

Dr. B launched this winter as a COVID vaccine standby list to help providers connect extra doses with nearby patients efficiently and equitably.

You got your shot, now treat yourself! Across the country, various attractions and businesses are offering discounts and freebies to those with proof of vaccination.

Going the last mile in the US

We've made a handy search tool to find vaccine rewards near you, including an Uber credit so you can ride to your vaccine appointment in safety and style!

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