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PHASE Scientific Americas and Dr. B make it easy to get COVID-19 antiviral medications from the comfort of your home

If you have COVID-19 and are at high risk for severe illness, our partnership can make all the difference in your access to life-saving antiviral care.
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If you have COVID-19 and are at high risk for severe illness, access to antiviral medications can mean life over death. But several factors make getting those medications as soon as you need them challenging.

To make the process as fast + affordable as possible, Dr. B has partnered with PHASE Scientific Americas, who developed the INDICAID® COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test.

“I’m proud of our partnership with PHASE Scientific Americas," says our founder, Cyrus Massoumi. "Patients can get the diagnosis and follow-up treatment they need at a price they can afford. "

Read on to learn how this service can make all the difference in your COVID-19 care.

Who is eligible for Covid-19 antivirals?

Anyone at high risk for severe COVID-19 illness is eligible for antiviral medications.

High-risk people include anyone over 65, smokers, those with preexisting conditions and those who take immune-suppressing medications. See the complete list here. If you’re not sure about your risk, ask your healthcare provider.

For high-risk people over 18, the antiviral Paxlovid reduces hospitalization risk by 51%. It’s even more effective in older high-risk people. Paxlovid also neutralizes the dominating Omicron variant XBB.1.5. This is especially important as other COVID-19 medications don’t protect against XBB.1.5.

Why is timing vital with Paxlovid?

Antivirals work best when taken within a few days of symptom onset. Beyond that, they can't reverse severe illness. That’s why it’s vital to get a prescription within five days. After that, your risk for hospitalization increases.

The Test-To-Treat initiative

We launched our PHASE Scientific Americas partnership during the Biden administration’s Test-To-Treat initiative.

Before the initiative, many high-risk people found it hard to get a medical appointment within five days of first symptoms. The initiative allowed pharmacists to prescribe antivirals to high-risk patients with positive tests. Long-term care and health center providers could also prescribe antivirals. And patients could bring a positive test to their provider rather than wait for an on-site test.

But delays persisted. Few Test-To-Treat health centers opened nationwide, and not all pharmacies offer on-site testing. The FDA removed the positive test rule in February 2023.

Pharmacists can now fill an antiviral prescription if you have mild or moderate COVID-19 symptoms. You don't need a positive test result. But you do need to provide documents like a current health record and medication lists. These documents help pharmacists determine your eligibility. If they have to confirm information with your healthcare provider, prescription delays may happen. And not all pharmacists offer this service.

Our PHASE Scientific Americas partnership solves all these challenges.

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Dr. B + the INDICAID® COVID-19 Antigen Rapid At-Home Test

If you take an INDICAID® at-home test and get a positive result, visit our Dr. B Covid-19 treatment platform. From there, complete a virtual health assessment. A licensed medical provider will review your medical record. If appropriate, they’ll provide you with a prescription for a COVID-19 antiviral. You can have the prescription filled at any pharmacy.

Paying patients pay a $15 consultation fee—less than the average co-pay for a doctor’s visit. Dr. B also offers a no-cost option for patients who qualify based on financial need.

You can buy INDICAID COVID-19 at-home tests online at PHASE Scientific Americas or Amazon. They’re also available in many pharmacies nationwide.

Why PHASE Scientific Americas? 

PHASE Scientific Americas has developed a breakthrough sample preparation technology. This technology quickly and efficiently targets substances within test samples. It makes global scientific research, clinical testing and diagnosis more accurate. And it’s fast and cost-efficient. Armed with such superior diagnostic and data tools, patients + providers better understand our healthcare journey.

INDICAID's® non-invasive rapid COVID-19 test is affordable, accurate and convenient. Portable and easy to use, it's one of the most efficient ways to get peace of mind when you take an at-home antigen test.

“We believe in empowering people with simple and clear science-based diagnostic information,” says Doug Field, Chief Revenue Officer of PHASE Scientific Americas. “Test-to-Treat is all about shortening the time between diagnosis and treatment to mitigate symptoms, reduce duration and stop COVID-19 spread.”

PHASE Scientific is an international biotechnical diagnostic company. Founded by UCLA bioengineers, they have headquarters in North America and Hong Kong.

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