Erectile Dysfunction

How to get erectile dysfunction pills online

Confused by the many ED pills available? Our health experts explain the process, including how to get ED pills online through a discreet consultation.
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Key Points:

  1. Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects around 30 million Americans. But 95% of them find their symptoms lessen or go away with the proper treatment.
  2. Effective erectile dysfunction prescription medications include Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil. These can help improve blood flow, making it easier to maintain an erection.
  3. You can get Viagra online—and other ED meds online—from Dr. B with a discreet $15 consultation.

Sex can play an essential part in our relationships and whole-body health. When you can’t get or keep an erection, significant strain on your relationship and self-confidence can follow.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects around 30 million Americans. So if you’re facing the anxiety and disappointment that often comes with ED, you’re not alone. Fortunately, various effective prescription ED treatments are available today. And studies show they successfully improve ED symptoms for about 95% of those who take them.

Here, we explain the most common and effective ED treatment options available. Then, share how you can access them through a discreet $15 online consultation.

What are some common erectile dysfunction treatments?

The most effective ED medications are phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. These treatments work by halting a common glitch in the erection process.

The molecule cyclic GMP relaxes muscles inside blood vessels to increase blood flow—both vital for getting (and staying) erect. But the PDE5 enzyme breaks down cyclic GMP, reducing the odds the muscles will relax and blood flow. And blood flow is vital to getting an erection.

PDE5 inhibitors bind to the PDE5 enzyme to prevent that breakdown. This encourages relaxation, blood flow and robust erections.

Popular PDE5 inhibitors include:

  • Avanafil and its brand version, Stendra
  • Sildenafil and its brand version, Viagra
  • Tadalafil​​​​​​​ and its brand version, Cialis
  • Vardenafil and its brand version, Levitra

Can any over-the-counter medications improve ED?

Over-the-counter erectile dysfunction pills and other treatments aren’t subject to the same rigorous safety standards as prescription medication. So use them with caution—and only under the supervision of a licensed medical provider.

Supplements sometimes used to treat ED include:

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). A steroid prohormone associated with youth and vitality, limited research suggests low DHEA levels may contribute to ED. So DHEA supplementation may encourage erections.
  • Ginseng. Many people try this popular supplement to treat their ED symptoms. But study analyses show it has little or no effect on improving ED.
  • Yohimbe. A supplement made from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree, some studies suggest it works like an aphrodisiac. But it only helps treat ED when combined with other supplements or ED medications.
  • Propionyl-L-carnitine. Some research suggests that this amino acid may diminish symptoms in mild-to-moderate ED patients. But you must take high doses over a long period for it to have this effect.

Most medical research takes considerable time and resources—especially for a complex issue like ED. So it could be years until new treatments like stent penile implants, plasma penile injections or stem cell therapies become available.

How can I find an ED doctor near me?

A range of potential triggers can cause erectile dysfunction. So no one online ED doctor or specialist treats all possible ED components.

Starting the conversation with your primary care doctor is a smart move. They can help you address any underlying health conditions that can contribute to ED. These may include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or cardiovascular issues.

Several studies suggest that ED risk is higher in those with anxiety and depression. These conditions may be the cause of or the effect of ED. Prescription medications used to treat anxiety and depression may play a part, too.

So speak with your primary care doctor about any mental health struggles. A counselor or therapist can also help you dig into any psychological causes of your ED. For partners, couples counseling can help improve relationship stress that may contribute to ED, too.

If your primary care doctor finds no related underlying health condition, they may refer you to a urologist. The urologist may perform a physical exam and a blood test to discern any hormonal issues. If a hormonal issue affects your ability to get erect, they may refer you to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist can then treat low testosterone, high prolactin levels, or irregular thyroid hormone levels contributing to ED.

Other tests a urologist may perform include:

  • An injection test. Medicine that should cause an erection is injected into the base of the penis to test your ability to get erect.
  • An overnight erection test. Penises become erect an average of 3-5 times per night. This test will determine if yours does so.
  • An ultrasound. This test can determine if blood flow to your penis is strong enough to cause or maintain an erection.

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How to get a Cialis, Stendra, Levitra and Viagra RX online

PDE-5 inhibitors are only available with a prescription. You can make an appointment with a local provider. Or get convenient and discreet treatment through telehealth providers like Dr. B.

Just start a discreet $15 online consultation. You’ll share your health history and current symptoms. A licensed provider will review your information and help you find the best ED treatment.

Dr. B will also show you the price of medication and your local pharmacies. Most insurance, Medicare and Medicaid plans cover generic prescriptions like Sildenafil and Tadalafil. If you prefer a brand prescription, we’ll show you those costs, too. If you don’t have insurance, we’ll send you a drug discount card to help you secure the lowest medication cost at your chosen pharmacy.

So don’t let erectile dysfunction disrupt your love life or confidence. Get started today on the road to better sexual health.


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