How to use your HSA/FSA at SoulCycle

Here’s how Dr. B is working to help make the process of getting a Letter of Medical Necessity more convenient for qualifying patients.
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Dr. B is here to support your physical and financial health. So we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership to help make the process of using HSA/FSA funds for SoulCycle classes less of a headache for qualifying people.

Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and exercise to prevent or treat a medical condition? If so, read on to learn how we may be able to help you save up to 40% off SoulCycle fitness expenses.

What is an HSA/FSA account?

HSA and FSA accounts are two kinds of tax-advantaged savings accounts. HSA accounts are available to people with a high-deductible health insurance plan. FSA accounts can be offered by employers as a benefit program.

With both, you can deposit part of your income into the account. You won’t pay income tax on money you use from that account. And you can use those funds to pay for qualified medical expenses—which you’ll essentially pay for income tax-free.

Learn more about how HSA/FSA works in this Dr. B article.

How can you use HSA/FSA for gym membership?

FSA and HSA withdrawal rules specify what you can buy with FSA/HSA funds.

Most people use their HSA/FSA money to pay for health care insurance premiums, urgent care bills, doctor copays and prescription medications. You can also use them at HSA stores or pharmacies for over-the-counter prescriptions, pain relief tools, long-term accessibility needs and more.

And if you exercise to prevent or treat a range of medical conditions, related fees may become HSA/FSA eligible, too!

But to use your FSA/HSA for gym membership and other fitness fees, you have to have a doctor or other licensed provider write a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) detailing how exercise treats your specific condition. (Some people refer to it as a medical justification letter.)

Once you have that letter, you can submit it and any (new) exercise receipts to your HSA/FSA administrator for reimbursement.

How can you pay for SoulCycle with HSA/FSA?

Dr. B has officially teamed with SoulCycle to help make the process of getting a Letter of Medical Necessity online straightforward and convenient.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Go to our SoulCycle partner page and start a $15 online medical consultation.
  2. Answer a few questions about your medical history and exercise-related treatment plan.
  3. We’ll connect you with a licensed provider in your state. (Or Washington, DC, if that’s where you live.) They’ll review your consultation within three working hours. If you qualify, they’ll email your Letter of Medical Necessity and a few instructions straight to your inbox.
  4. Pay for a SoulCycle class or multi-class pass and save your receipts.
  5. Find your HSA/FSA administrator online. (If you have an FSA, ask your employer’s HR department if needed.) Go to their claims or reimbursement section and submit your letter and SoulCycle receipts. If you run into an issue with your administrator’s form requirements, come back to Dr. B and we’ll sort it out with you.
  6. Wait for your administrator to finalize your claim and transfer the funds from your HSA/FSA account!

You’ll have to repeat the submission process when you buy a new class pass. But you can use the same Letter of Medical Necessity within 12 months of your letter’s date. And when you need a new letter, come back to Dr. B!

How much can you save on SoulCycle fees with HSA/FSA?

You may get the entire SoulCycle purchase reimbursed. How much you’ll save overall depends on your tax bracket.

Because you don’t pay income tax on the money you put into your HSA/FSA, your savings come from what you would have paid in income tax. Your tax bracket determines the percentage of tax you contribute to your state and federal returns. So when all is said and done, most people end up saving 20-40% off their SoulCycle fees by using their tax-free funds.

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Why Dr. B has partnered with SoulCycle

Dr. B offers affordable online medical consultations with the same care and quality you’d get from your favorite family doctor—without the waiting room. We’re available on your phone, tablet or computer wherever you are and whenever you have the time—365 days a year! Because when it comes to supporting your whole-body health, we know it takes a village.

That’s why we value SoulCycle’s mind-body-soul focus and our shared mission to meet you where you are—at home and out in the world. We know the value of unwinding alone at the end of a long day and the joy of coming together when you need others to pump you up. Community boosts mental health, which supports immune, cardiovascular health and more!

Combine those benefits with SoulCycle’s 45-minute, high-intensity, heart-pumping journeys, and we’re sold! That’s why the Dr. B team is thrilled to help you use your FSA/HSA to ride with SoulCycle. Still not sure how it works? Read this article or get in touch.

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