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A color photo of a curvy woman with brown skin looking into a mirror at a gym, holding up her phone and taking a picture.

How to use your HSA to save on YouFit gym membership costs

If exercise treats your medical condition, learn how an online consultation may help you unlock HSA/FSA funds to save up to 40% off YouFit gym membership!

Color photograph of a curvy Black woman with an Afro wearing orange workout clothing doing a deep lunge in her living room while watching a BODi fitness program on an iPad set on her coffee table.

How to use your HSA/FSA to save on BODi subscriptions and the BODi Bike

Want to feel good while saving up to 40% on BODi? Learn how Dr. B can help qualifying patients unlock their HSA and FSA funds with a $15 online consultation.

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What is a Letter of Medical Necessity?

Understand how the HSA reimbursement process works. Plus, learn how qualifying patients can get a Letter of Medical Necessity online with a $15 consultation.

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Are you getting the most out of your workout?

Optimize your workout with the latest on exercise plus makeup, timing, cannabis and more. Plus, learn how to save on F45 Training costs while you strengthen and heal.

Color photograph of a white male F45 Training personal trainer kneeling down to assist F45 gym members who lay on the floor, raising barbell weights above them. Photo courtesy F45.

How to use your HSA/FSA at F45 Training

Think exercise might help you prevent or treat a medical condition? Learn how you may be able to save on F45 Training costs with your HSA or FSA account.

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When improving your health comes down to the numbers

Learn if hypervaccination protects against Covid-19, why women don’t need to exercise for as long as men and how daylight savings messes up more than just sleep.

An Orangetheory class where a young Black female instructor kneels instructing a  young white female member who is lifting two weights.

How to use your HSA at Orangetheory

Here’s how to use your pre-tax HSA/FSA funds to save up to 40% off Orangetheory class fees—so you can pump it up and work it off!

A celebratory photo of a SoulCycle class with a group of riders cheering and confetti flying through the air. Photo courtesy of SoulCycle.

How to use your HSA/FSA at SoulCycle

Here’s how Dr. B is working to help make the process of getting a Letter of Medical Necessity more convenient for qualifying patients.

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What can you buy with HSA funds?

Here's how Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can help you save on qualified medical expenses. Plus, a surprising list of things you can buy with HSA funds.

A child's hands old up a clear piggy bank with a few dollars in at against a blurry background of a bed and chair.

The best ways to improve your physical and financial health

Trying to get in the green? This week, we share how to fight medical bills, when you can use HSA/FSA funds for fitness fees and more.

A curvy Black woman wearing gym clothes and a hair wrap and a muscular white woman wearing gym clothes stand close together, laughing, resting against a well of a gym.

Can I use my FSA/HSA for gym membership?

Using exercise to prevent or reverse an illness? Here's how to get a Letter of Medical Necessity online to use your HSA/FSA dollars for fitness fees.

A tan-skinned woman with curly brown hair wearing a blue tank top with a few tattoos on her arm leans out of a window against a green wall.

The latest weight stigma in France, film and more

Dive into conversations around fatphobia in The Whale, a myth about thinness and French women, and other weighted issues.

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