HSA/FSA qualified health expenses Articles

How you can use your pre-tax dollars in your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for qualified health expenses.
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What is a Letter of Medical Necessity?

Understand how the HSA reimbursement process works. Plus, learn how qualifying patients can get a Letter of Medical Necessity online with a $15 consultation.

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How to use your HSA/FSA at F45 Training

Think exercise might help you prevent or treat a medical condition? Learn how you may be able to save on F45 Training costs with your HSA or FSA account.

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How to use your HSA at Orangetheory

Here’s how to use your pre-tax HSA/FSA funds to save up to 40% off Orangetheory class fees—so you can pump it up and work it off!

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How to use your HSA/FSA at SoulCycle

Here’s how Dr. B is working to help make the process of getting a Letter of Medical Necessity more convenient for qualifying patients.

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What can you buy with HSA funds?

Here's how Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can help you save on qualified medical expenses. Plus, a surprising list of things you can buy with HSA funds.

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Can I use my FSA/HSA for gym membership?

Using exercise to prevent or reverse an illness? Here's how to get a Letter of Medical Necessity online to use your HSA/FSA dollars for fitness fees.

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