How to use your HSA at Orangetheory

Here’s how to use your pre-tax HSA/FSA funds to save up to 40% off Orangetheory class fees—so you can pump it up and work it off!
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Dr. B is here to support your physical, financial and mental health. So we’re thrilled to partner with Orangetheory Fitness to help qualifying patients unlock their HSA/FSA funds to save up to 40% off Orangetheory's transformative full-body cardio and strength training workout class fees!

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) and think exercise will help prevent or treat your medical condition, read on.

Because our online consultation service may be able to help you get a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) online so you can tap into your pre-tax dollars and save big on Orangetheory memberships and class fees!

What is an HSA/FSA account?

HSA and FSA accounts are two kinds of tax-advantaged savings accounts.

Both allow you to deposit a portion of your income into the account. You don’t pay income tax on the money you put into the account or funds you take out to pay for qualified medical expenses. This increases your purchasing power.

HSAs are available to those with a high-deductible health plan. If you don’t know how to get an HSA account, ask your insurance broker or employer’s HR department how one might be available to you.

You can only get an FSA if your employer offers it as a benefit alongside your employer-sponsored health insurance plan. Learn more about how HSA/FSA works in this Dr. B article.

How can you use HSA for gym membership?

FSA/HSA withdrawal rules specify what you can buy with FSA/HSA funds. Most people use their pre-tax HSA/FSA money to pay for prescription medications, insurance premiums and doctor visit copays. You can also use the banked funds at FSA/HSA stores for things like over-the-counter medications, pain relief tools and medical devices.

If a provider recommends a regular exercise regimen to treat or prevent a medical condition, related fees also become FSA/HSA-eligible expenses!

But to use your HSA/FSA dollars to pay for exercise fees, a doctor or other licensed provider has to write a Letter of Medical Necessity (or medical justification letter) detailing how exercise prevents or treats your specific condition. Once you have that letter, you can use your HSA/FSA card for fitness expenses—or get exercise receipts reimbursed from your HSA/FSA account.

How can you pay for Orangetheory classes with HSA/FSA?

Dr. B has teamed up with Orangetheory Fitness to make getting a Letter of Medical Necessity less of a hassle for qualifying members.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Start a $15 online consultation: Go to Orangetheory's Dr. B partner page and use our chat-like consultation process to answer a few questions about your health history and current condition. We’re available 365 days a year—weekends and holidays, too!
  2. Provider review: A licensed provider in your state will review your consultation within three working hours. If you qualify, they’ll email your Letter of Medical Necessity straight to your inbox.
  3. Buy your class pass: Buy a new Orangetheory membership or multiclass pass—and save your receipts!
  4. File your letter and receipts: Find your HSA/FSA administrator’s online portal and register or sign into your account. (If you have an FSA, ask your employer’s HR department for guidance if needed.) Go to their claims or reimbursement section. Submit your letter and Orangetheory receipts. (Note that you can only submit receipts made on or after the date of your Letter of Medical Necessity.)
  5. Wait for reimbursement: HSA/FSA administrator processing times vary. But you should see funds transferred from your HSA/FSA into your chosen account within ten days.

You’ll have to repeat the submission process whenever you pay for a new class or renew your Orangetheory membership. But you can use the same letter for all purchases made within 12 months of the date on your letter.

When your letter expires, take another consultation and we’ll get you sorted again.

How much can you save on Orangetheory with HSA?

Because you won’t pay income tax on the money you put into your HSA/FSA, the amount you’ll save on your fitness fees comes from the tax you would have paid on that amount of income. That specific amount is determined by your tax bracket—the percentage of your income you pay on your state and federal returns.

When you submit your letter and Orangetheory recipes, you’ll probably get the entire cost of your membership or multi-class pass reimbursed from your HSA/FSA account. Most people save 20-40% when using their FSA/HSA for fitness costs!

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Why Dr. B has partnered with Orangetheory

Dr. B is on a mission to make healthcare more accessible and equitable by utilizing the most streamlined tech available. So we’re excited by how Orangetheory Fitness harnesses both the power of smart technology and human expertise to help members achieve their physical, mental and social health goals.

In each Orangetheory group class, members wear fitness trackers so that their workout hits all five heart rate training zones guaranteed to boost metabolism and burn calories and fat.

While technology shapes the physical journey, Orangetheory coaches use their expertise to shape the emotional flow. So no matter your age, size, ability or condition, you’ll be safe in the hands of Orangetheory—whether you’re crunching out another situp, flying into one more burpee or holding a plank for just a few more seconds.

Ready to find out if exercising with Orangetheory will help you get one more step down the path to whole-body health?

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