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A young Black woman with short black hair wearing a long tan wool coat, blue sweater and long tan scarf walks alongside a gray stone city building, holding a cup of takeaway coffee and smiling as she looks down into her phone.

Finding hope in health technology

According to humbition founder Slava Rubin, only better tech can improve patient experience, safety and health. Here’s what to expect from AI and ChatGPT.

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Dr. B's response to the Change Healthcare cyberattack

While the cyberattack affects prescription access, Dr. B is offering those impacted free telehealth for many medications—so that no one is left without care.

A color photograph of a woman's feet floating in a pool with red and gold Christmas tree bulbs floating nearby.

Dr. B’s health and wellness gift guide for 2023

Dr. B's global team members share our favorite health tools and wellness gift ideas to make your holiday season healthy, merry and bright!

A Black woman wearing an orange coat sits on a park bench with autumn trees behind her and smiles as she looks down into her phone.

Bringing the personal connection back to public health

Our founder explains why a personal touch means so much to our team and how online prescriptions remove barriers for patients and providers alike.

Different types of pills, Tablets in packs, and blister packs with colorful medicines are set on a pink background, with the fingers of a white hand picking one up.

Using a Drug Discount Card — How It Works

Dr. B offers the cheapest telehealth. The next step? Finding the lowest prescription price. Here’s how drug discount cards work and how to use them.

Young brunette woman sitting on the couch in their living room at home, with a 6-year old kid on her lap. She's on the phone doing a consultation with a doctor. The woman is checking the child’s temperature on a thermometer.

The best drug discount card: SingleCare vs. GoodRx

Pharmacy savings cards can help you save up to 80% of prescription costs. But is SingleCare or GoodRx is the best drug discount card for you?

Volunteers help carry boxes of food for the recipients of a monthly church food pantry

Support your neighbors with Dr. B + NeighborShare

We’re proud to partner with NeighborShare, an online platform connecting donors with those in need. Learn how you can be a good neighbor, too.

A color indoor photograph of a white mother wearing a brown sweater and her toddler, sitting on a bed in front of a computer, with a snowy tree-scape through the window behind them.

PHASE Scientific Americas and Dr. B make it easy to get COVID-19 antiviral medications from the comfort of your home

If you have COVID-19 and are at high risk for severe illness, our partnership can make all the difference in your access to life-saving antiviral care.

A colorful indoor photograph of a young white woman wearing a golden yellow shirt and medical mask, pointing to something off camera where a white colleague with blond hair.

Covid-19 variant XBB.1.5 news to know in January 2023

The Covid-19 variant XBB.1.5 is shaking up 2023 infection rates. Here’s the latest news on XBB.1.5 symptoms, vaccine evasion and antiviral medication efficacy.

A young Hispanic woman wearing a thick sweater and jeans sits on the floor of her living room, looking out the window, with a bunch of medication bottles on the coffee table next to her.

So you have Covid-19. What are your treatment options?

If you or someone you love is at high risk for severe illness and has a Covid-19 infection, what is the best medicine? And how can you get it?

A photograph of Dr. Sudip Bose in his military fatigues, standing in front of a line of Army tents and a military truck.

The battle (for veteran healthcare) continues

Veteran combat physician Dr. Sudip Bose is passionate about improving veteran healthcare. Here’s what to take away from his experiences—and how to help.

A white senior woman with short gray hair wearing a medical mask and red t-shirt is given an injection on her upper arm by a medical technician with curly hair wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt and scrubs.

What to know about the new bivalent Covid-19 boosters

With the Covid-19 Health Emergency coming to a close, we explain what's in the new bivalent boosters and help you decide when to get your next jab.

Photograph of man facing away from the camera, sitting alone and looking out the window in a low-lit room.

Is quarantine over? What the new CDC guidelines actually mean

Dr. B reviews the new CDC recommendations so you can both enjoy social spaces and keep those in your communities safe.

Image of Dr. B CEO, Cyrus Massoumi, smiling in a blue shirt

Letter from the CEO: Dr. B in 2022

We've come a long way since Dr. B first launched. Here's how our founder Cyrus Massoumi stays focused on solutions to make healthcare accessible for all.

My grandfather, Dr. Asadola Zahedi.

What’s in a name? The story behind Dr. B

Want to meet the original Dr. B? Our founder, Cyrus Massoumi, shares the inspiration that his is grandfather, Dr. Asadola Zahedi.

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