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Learn how to shed pounds and negative habits with science-backed nutrition, fitness, finance and mental health advice from Dr. B’s team of health experts.
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How to save money on weight loss support tools

Weight loss support tools shouldn’t break the bank. Learn how insurance, HSA/FSA and other tricks can help you save on fitness, nutrition and mental health.

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Healthy weight management programs to try before medical weight loss

Prescription weight loss medications not for you? Check out our roundup of top-rated, affordable nutrition and exercise programs to try instead.

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What to know about Semaglutide rapid weight loss concerns, like muscle loss and bone health

Learn how prescription weight loss medications affect muscle mass and bone density. Plus, ways food and nutrition habits can help you stay strong and stable.

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Here’s what we know about compounded Semaglutide safety

Learn how compounded medications are made. Plus, why compounded Semaglutide is a safe and effective alternative to brand-name medical weight loss options.

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