Yeast Infection Articles

Yeast infection symptoms, causes and treatments
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Can a yeast infection delay your period?

Can vaginal candidiasis disrupt the timing of your monthly flow? Our experts share everything to know about the connection between periods and yeast infections.

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How to protect your sexual health

Sex is rarely simple. Here’s what to know about how birth control pills can lower sex drive, why you shouldn’t have sex with a yeast infection and when abstaining from masturbation can harm mental and physical health. Plus, the latest healthcare news about STIs, Viagra and senior Covid-19 deaths.

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Can you have sex with a yeast infection?

Feeling itchy and frisky? Here’s what to know about how sex can affect a yeast infection—and vice versa. Plus how the two can increase risk factors for pregnancy and STIs.

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Is it a yeast infection or...?

An itchy vagina or irregular discharge can cramp your style. Learn how to tell if your symptoms stem from a yeast infection or something else!

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Symptoms of a yeast infection

What are common vaginal yeast infection symptoms? How can you determine the cause of vaginal itching or vaginal discharge? Our experts share all that—and more.

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What causes a yeast infection?

Our experts share what causes or increases yeast infection risk. Plus, how to treat a yeast infection treatment online with a virtual health assessment.

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Yeast infection causes, symptoms and treatment

Are annoying vaginal symptoms throwing off your game? We've got your back. Learn how to spot (and treat) a vaginal yeast infection.

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Yeast infection treatments

Dig into everything you need to know about antifungal yeast infection treatments—your first line of defense against itchy, painful vaginal irritation.

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