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Conditions that primarily impact people assigned female at birth
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Can a yeast infection delay your period?

Can vaginal candidiasis disrupt the timing of your monthly flow? Our experts share everything to know about the connection between periods and yeast infections.

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Can you have sex with a yeast infection?

Feeling itchy and frisky? Here’s what to know about how sex can affect a yeast infection—and vice versa. Plus how the two can increase risk factors for pregnancy and STIs.

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How to cure BV in one day?

Bacterial infections can cause uncomfortable and distracting symptoms. So can you cure BV in a single day? Here’s what to know about this common condition.

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How long does a UTI last?

Learn how long it will take for your painful urination or other UTI symptoms to hit the road—and how prescription treatment can speed up the process.

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How to get prescription birth control online

Many forms of birth control are available through online providers like Dr. B. Here’s how the process works and what to consider before your consultation.

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What birth control is best for me?

There’s a lot to consider when weighing out the pros and cons of birth control. Here’s expert advice on how to find the best method for you.

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Here’s how hormonal birth control changes your body

Prescription birth control is an effective way to prevent pregnancy. But how exactly do those hormones change your body? Get answers from the experts!

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What are some common side effects of birth control?

Not everyone who uses prescription birth control experiences side effects. But here's what to consider before starting a new form of contraception.

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What types of birth control can help me prevent pregnancy?

Many forms of hormonal and non-hormonal birth control do a great job at preventing pregnancy. But each comes with its own benefits and setbacks. Here’s what to know about the pill, implant, ring and more!

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How does birth control work?

How do various hormonal birth control options help prevent pregnancy? Our experts help you understand the details so you can make the best choice for you.

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How birth control works and what birth control is best for you

Looking to start prescription birth control for the first time or curious about a new method? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and sex: common misconceptions

Before you get frisky, here’s what to know about BV and sex. Plus, how to get BV medication online through a Dr. B health assessment.

a white woman in a white t-shirt lays in bed on white sheets with her hands over her face in discomfort

Bacterial vaginosis: causes, symptoms and treatment

How do you know if you have bacterial vaginosis? Get to know the causes, symptoms and treatment options. Plus, how to get BV medication online.

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6 tips for how to prevent bacterial vaginosis (BV)

BV is a common and treatable condition—and no fun! Learn how to stop BV before it starts with these medically-vetted tips.

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How to treat bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Medically-vetted information about common BV medicines. Plus, how you can get BV medication online through a virtual health assessment.

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Is it a yeast infection or...?

An itchy vagina or irregular discharge can cramp your style. Learn how to tell if your symptoms stem from a yeast infection or something else!

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Why do I keep getting bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

Tired of trying to cure BV at home only to have it come back again? Learn why recurrent BV happens and how to get BV antibiotics online.

A white woman is lying on her back in bed with a pillow over her head, signifying discomfort

Symptoms of a yeast infection

What are common vaginal yeast infection symptoms? How can you determine the cause of vaginal itching or vaginal discharge? Our experts share all that—and more.

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What to look out for: symptoms of bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Learn how to recognize the common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis—and the ones that should have you seeking prescription treatment.

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UTI causes, symptoms and treatment: everything you need to know

When it hurts to pee, we’ve got the expert advice you need to forge a personal UTI treatment plan. Plus, learn how to get UTI antibiotics without leaving home.

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Is it a UTI or…?

How to tell if you have a UTI vs. STD, yeast infection and more. Plus, how Dr. B can help you access UTI treatment online!

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Everything you need to know about how to prevent UTIs

Does cranberry juice really help? And what’s the deal with swimsuits? Here’s expert advice on all that—and more!

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Do you have a UTI? Common UTI symptoms to look out for

We dive deep into how UTIs happen, the worrisome symptoms to watch for and how to get a UTI prescription online.

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How to treat a UTI: all your questions answered

What are the best antibiotics for treating a UTI? Can you prevent a UTI from coming back? And can you get UTI medicine without leaving home?

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What causes a UTI in women? Here are the top 8 reasons

Learn the top causes of urinary tract infections. Plus, how to get a UTI prescription online to send painful symptoms on their way.

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What causes a yeast infection?

Our experts share what causes or increases yeast infection risk. Plus, how to treat a yeast infection treatment online with a virtual health assessment.

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What is bacterial vaginosis (BV)?

What exactly is bacterial vaginosis and how can you get BV medicine online? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Yeast infection causes, symptoms and treatment

Are annoying vaginal symptoms throwing off your game? We've got your back. Learn how to spot (and treat) a vaginal yeast infection.

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Yeast infection treatments

Dig into everything you need to know about antifungal yeast infection treatments—your first line of defense against itchy, painful vaginal irritation.

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