Urinary Tract Infections Articles

Information on UTI symptoms and treatment options
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How long does a UTI last?

Learn how long it will take for your painful urination or other UTI symptoms to hit the road—and how prescription treatment can speed up the process.

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Learn about UTI's, eating meat, and having sex!

Is that burning, itching sensation caused by sex or the meat you ate? Learn how to prevent, identify and treat a urinary tract infection.

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UTI causes, symptoms and treatment: everything you need to know

When it hurts to pee, we’ve got the expert advice you need to forge a personal UTI treatment plan. Plus, learn how to get UTI antibiotics without leaving home.

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Is it a UTI or…?

How to tell if you have a UTI vs. STD, yeast infection and more. Plus, how Dr. B can help you access UTI treatment online!

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Everything you need to know about how to prevent UTIs

Does cranberry juice really help? And what’s the deal with swimsuits? Here’s expert advice on all that—and more!

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Do you have a UTI? Common UTI symptoms to look out for

We dive deep into how UTIs happen, the worrisome symptoms to watch for and how to get a UTI prescription online.

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How to treat a UTI: all your questions answered

What are the best antibiotics for treating a UTI? Can you prevent a UTI from coming back? And can you get UTI medicine without leaving home?

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What causes a UTI in women? Here are the top 8 reasons

Learn the top causes of urinary tract infections. Plus, how to get a UTI prescription online to send painful symptoms on their way.

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