Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) Articles

Symptoms, causes and treatment for pink eye (conjunctivitis)
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Can you get pink eye from a fart?

If you’re worried that pink eye can be spread via farts, you’re not alone. Here, our health experts separate fact from stinky fiction.

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When does pink eye cause fever?

Are you dealing with sensitive, itchy eyes and a fever? Our experts break down what to know about pink eye + fever. Plus, when to seek medical help.

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Eye twitches, conjunctivitis and more eye health updates

Curious about why your eye muscles are pumping? Looking for online pink eye treatment? These tips will keep your vision clear throughout the new year.

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How long is pink eye contagious after starting drops?

If your eyes are still tearing and emitting pink eye discharge, are you still contagious? Get all the answers straight from the experts.

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