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Different types of pills, Tablets in packs, and blister packs with colorful medicines are set on a pink background, with the fingers of a white hand picking one up.

Using a Drug Discount Card — How It Works

Dr. B offers the cheapest telehealth. The next step? Finding the lowest prescription price. Here’s how drug discount cards work and how to use them.

Young brunette woman sitting on the couch in their living room at home, with a 6-year old kid on her lap. She's on the phone doing a consultation with a doctor. The woman is checking the child’s temperature on a thermometer.

The best drug discount card: SingleCare vs. GoodRx

Pharmacy savings cards can help you save up to 80% of prescription costs. But is SingleCare or GoodRx is the best drug discount card for you?

A color photograph of a Black woman in her bedroom, stretching while sitting up on her bed. She's wearing a pink-red nightdress and headband.

Let's celebrate Black health activists

Black health experts are often overlooked in the media and history books. Come meet a few creative changemakers taking medical racial bias to task.

Image of Dr. B CEO, Cyrus Massoumi, smiling in a blue shirt

Letter from the CEO: Dr. B in 2022

We've come a long way since Dr. B first launched. Here's how our founder Cyrus Massoumi stays focused on solutions to make healthcare accessible for all.

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