Hair Loss Articles

Symptoms, causes and treatment for hair loss
Man standing next to his camper van with bicycles in the morning giving a coffee mug to friend in van.

Do hats cause hair loss?

Worried that your favorite cap is stressing out your hair? Here’s what to know about the causes of hair loss. Plus, how you can prevent thinning or balding with a little TLC—or prescription treatment.

 A dreamy photo of a young white woman in a long white nightgown lighting candles in a bathroom with large checkered tiles and a claw foot tub, with light streaming in from the windows.

Are we getting sick younger? Here's what the science says.

The latest research shows that younger people are losing hair, getting cancer, and waking up to pee a few times overnight. Why? Let’s dig into the details.

Black man wearing casual clothes after hair transplant procedure looking for clothes in the fashion store. He has bandanna on his head. Shopping concept.

Does testosterone cause hair loss?

If you have thinning hair or significant hair loss, our experts share what to know about how hormones may play a part. Plus, how to get prescription hair loss medication online.

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