Flu Articles

Symptoms, causes and treatment for the flu
Ill female having cold sitting with glass of warm tea on couch under blanket and looking away. She is recovering with help of medicine.

Which flu is worse: flu A or flu B?

Get ready to finally understand the types of flu and their names. Plus, why the updated flu vaccine offers top protection against this season's type.

Young ill man with cold and high fever lying on sofa at home. Cold and flu season.

What to do (and what to avoid) after a flu shot

Will flu vaccine side effects put you down and out for a day or two? Learn self-care tips and to-do’s to help you bounce back fast.

Photograph from above of a Black family in bed, with a man and woman cuddling two small children.

Do I have Covid-19, the flu or RSV?

When you have a respiratory virus, these expert tips will help you learn how to determine which one is making you ill.

A young white mother with short red hair sits in bed looking tired as she talks to her young blonde son who is gently hugging her.

When is Flu Season?

Learn how to protect yourself from the 2023 and 2024 flu strains. Plus, how to find prescription flu treatment if you fall ill.

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