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How to protect your sexual health

Sex is rarely simple. Here’s what to know about how birth control pills can lower sex drive, why you shouldn’t have sex with a yeast infection and when abstaining from masturbation can harm mental and physical health. Plus, the latest healthcare news about STIs, Viagra and senior Covid-19 deaths.

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Better sex, calmer stress and vital Covid news to know.

This week, we cover ways to reduce stress and encourage fun. Plus, share all the Covid-19 news to know for a safe, healthy season ahead.

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How to get prescription birth control online

Many forms of birth control are available through online providers like Dr. B. Here’s how the process works and what to consider before your consultation.

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What birth control is best for me?

There’s a lot to consider when weighing out the pros and cons of birth control. Here’s expert advice on how to find the best method for you.

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Here’s how hormonal birth control changes your body

Prescription birth control is an effective way to prevent pregnancy. But how exactly do those hormones change your body? Get answers from the experts!

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What are some common side effects of birth control?

Not everyone who uses prescription birth control experiences side effects. But here's what to consider before starting a new form of contraception.

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What types of birth control can help me prevent pregnancy?

Many forms of hormonal and non-hormonal birth control do a great job at preventing pregnancy. But each comes with its own benefits and setbacks. Here’s what to know about the pill, implant, ring and more!

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How does birth control work?

How do various hormonal birth control options help prevent pregnancy? Our experts help you understand the details so you can make the best choice for you.

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How birth control works and what birth control is best for you

Looking to start prescription birth control for the first time or curious about a new method? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

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