Seasonal Allergies Articles

Symptoms, causes and treatment for seasonal allergies
A young thin woman with long brown hair wearing jeans, a sweater and a face mask walks on a city street returning from shopping, with fresh fruit, vegetables and bread in reusable bags.

What to know about seasonal allergies this spring

Can you be allergic to exercise? Learn about exercise-induced anaphylaxis, why allergies develop in adulthood and why dogs are developing allergies in this healthcare update.

A white woman with short red hair wearing a dark red strapless body suit and orange skirt lies facedown in a bush.

What to do when your allergy medicine stops working?

Maybe you have a new allergy trigger. Or you’re treating the wrong symptoms. No matter the cause, learn how to find a better allergy medicine for you.

An older female professional with long graying hair wearing a checkered jacket blows her nose at her desk.

Can allergies cause a fever?

Think allergies may be firing up your temperature? Our experts share what to know about allergies and fever—including when to see a doctor no matter your fever source.

A closeup photograph of a Black woman with curly brown hair standing in front of a peach-colored wall. She's holding a bouquet of wildflowers close to her face, so only her swollen eyes are visible behind it.

What do we know about seasonal allergies today?

Keep on top of the latest research on allergies and aging, mixing antihistamines and alcohol and how to best expel phlegm. (Yep, there's a best way!)

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