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Looking to find an available COVID-19 vaccine in your area? Dr. B can connect you with local providers, mobile sites, and clinics that have available vaccine doses .

Once on the list, you’ll get a text from any verified provider near you with vaccines to administer. Sign up once. Get notified.

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Vaccination Perks

Are you already vaccinated? Still on the fence? For a limited time, many states and businesses are offering free food, drinks, and admission for being vaccinated. Check out what you can get for getting vaccinated.

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Man receiving a vaccination from a gloved medical professional

How it works

Sign up yourself or a dependent

Verified providers tell us about how many vaccine doses they have

We text you when there’s one available near you

You can confirm via text and then start heading to the vaccination site

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Are you a provider?

Are you a COVID vaccine provider? Still have COVID-19 vaccine that you want to see used? We can help you get the word out.

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